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Amber Stephens


I began ballet at age 4 with the RAD, then studied Contemporary Dance both at the Unitec Auckland Performing Arts, then Performance Art at The Academy Of Fine Arts in Vienna. During this time I studied a variety of Somatic movement practices such as Alexander Technique, Releasing Technique and The Axis Syllabus, alongside my studies in Pilates and Yoga. I completed my formal studies with a Post-Graduate Diploma in teaching and choreography at Auckland's Unitec Performing Arts School. In Vienna I formed a dance company and had the amazing fortune to perform and create alongside some of Vienna finest musicians and artists on Festival stages and theaters, later in New Zealand touring and performing. 

After a stint in Sydney, where I worked with Power Living Yoga and managed Body Ethos Pilates studio I began to create my own Barre program as I saw a need to create a healthy Barre system that was more holistic and gentler on the joints, more accessible to every body type and stayed true to authentic dance movement. I founded Barre Warrior in 2016 as a Licensed Teacher Training Program with the flagship studio in Auckland, 'Barre Yoga'. I later moved closer to my family in the Queenstown area where I have been teaching Barre Warrior, Pilates and Yoga at Millbrook. In 2020 after lockdown I brought Barre Warrior to Christchurch to Balance Pilates Cashmere. During my time in Christchurch I completed my Reformer Pilates training and taught at Grounded Pilates, Balance and then at Align Pilates in Queenstown on my return. In the past 2 years I have been working closely with personal clients to assist them in their fitness journey with a private studio along with my classes at Millbrook and Align.

I am excited now to have recently moved to Dunedin to be with my partner and continue my work with Barre, Pilates and Yoga. Teaming up with Well + Being is a beautiful alignment of values and intention, to be of service in the areas of mental and physical harmony. I have always had a deep desire to understand and create fluid movement pathways with healthy joint mobility and alignment. My passion sits also in helping people with their bodies to find the joy in moving and to correct issues that inhibit the ability to move freely.