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Barre Warrior


This is a unique blend of pilates, yoga and dance training techniques developing a sculpted dancers physique, with long, lean refined muscles. Technique is broken down into steps that anyone can do, no prior dance experience necessary. Classes are offered, such as Barre Warrior, the signature class, that ramps up the pace to challenge endurance, strength and fitness, adding weights and high-intensity interval training. Barre 101 offers the foundation technique, Barre Yoga is a mindfulness flow class combining Yoga and Pilates with Barre.

Our Barre Classes

Experience the joy of finding new movement and bubbling endorphins with our Barre Classes.

Spring Reset: Become a Barre Warrior (6-week Course)

Become a Barre Warrior
6-week course

We have partnered with Barre Warrior and curated a perfect movement-based challenge to get rid of the Winter blues. The Barre Warrior program is designed by Amber Stephens.

‘Become a Barre Warrior’ is about learning the technique in an easy-to-follow way, building gradually over the 6 weeks for you to master the moves and create a whole new way of moving! It is upbeat and possibly the most fun you’ll have getting fit and toned with high intensity, low impact total body work-out with authentic dance techniques.

Over 6 weeks, you will

  • Join a community of like-minded individuals
  • Attend 2 Barre Warrior classes each week: Monday 5:15pm & Thursday 7am
  • Receive one complimentary infrared sauna per week (during the 6-week course to be used during off-peak times: 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday)
  • Receive a weekly recipe from our in house nutritionist, Katherine Geary.
  • Be supported by our Health Coach, Janet Stewart
  • Have the chance to win weekly spot prizes to keep you on track
  • The first eight customers to sign up will be gifted an exclusive goody bag which includes The Beauty Chef Cleanse worth $70!

Enrolment is limited as we want to provide you with great classes and guidance and we achieve that by keeping the numbers small.

Starts on 18th September

Investment $300

Sign up to the 6-week course here

Barre Warrior 101

Barre 101 is for learning the technique for the signature Barre Warrior Class. It is a fun, approachable class that is aimed at all ages and levels.

Barre Warrior uses both Pilates and basic Ballet exercises which switch on the finer, intrinsic muscles that lead to “long, lean muscle”. The class is set to upbeat music and works in sets and sections to help establish a clear understanding of the movements and also allows you to go at your own pace when needed. It is important to know that you don’t need to have danced to do Barre.

Barre 101 is also great for Barre pros, as I believe just like dancers it is always good to work on technique and ensure that you are truly working your musicals in the correct and efficient way. Barre 101 has successfully taught hundreds of people with all ranges of fitness and skill. It is a safe and super fun environment to sculpt your body into a new form, build inner and outer confidence with improved posture, fitness and muscle definition.

Barre Warrior

Barre Warrior is a high paced, low impact Barre fitness class designed by Amber Stephens to combine fundamental Ballet exercises with Pilates and Functional Fitness. The class is cardio based and keeps moving. We work on the barre and also off the barre with weights, soft balls and resistance bands. Barre Warrior is a total body conditioning class and is intended to be safe for all body types. You don’t have to have prior dance experience, however taking as many Barre 101 classes until the technique is learned is encouraged. Barre Warrior is set to House music with carefully cultivated playlists designed to inspire endorphins and clear beats. You’ll feel supercharged and joyful knowing you’ve worked your body intelligently and heartily. Many past Barre Warrior addicts are over the age of 50 even into their 60’s and have sported huge improvements to energy levels, vitality, posture, balance, strength and weight loss.

Barre Yoga

Barre Yoga is a mindful flow class that works at the barre combining Barre balance work, Yoga and Pilates.

Each class has a unique focus. Sometimes working on the upper body using resistance bands, other classes focusing on hips and knee alignment. Barre Yoga has helped hundreds of people overcome injuries and alter poor movement patterns and has been recommended as a rehab program from Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.

The music is soft, melodic chilled beats. Breath is cued to help correlate breath to movement ensuring oxygenation of muscles, effective use of energy and a sense of calm. Barre Yoga is both calming and energising. It is elongating and strengthening.

Barre Yoga is for all ages and levels.

Barre: Core & Arms

Barre Torso and Core starts with a fun Barre warm up, that is open to all levels and doesn’t require prior Barre 101 technique training. Then we accompany arm movements using small hand weights that sculpt long lean muscle and a beautiful strong back. Postural muscles are a big focus to help correct sloped shoulders or lower back collapsing. We finish with a core set designed to tone and cut shapes into your waistline.

The class is set to house music that boosts your energy and endorphins.

Barre Booty

This butt and thigh based Barre class is all about slimming your thighs and lifting your butt. Class starts with a fun Barre warm up that is open to all levels and doesn’t require prior Barre 101 technique training. Then we accompany leg movements with a soft pilates ball to enhance the exercises. Hip mobility, glute strength, and sculpted trim thighs are the benefits of this class, other benefits will see an improvement of posture and strengthening the pelvic floor. The class is set to house music that boosts your energy and endorphins.