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Ellana Dubé


Hi there! I’m Ellana (she/her), and I'm all about creating courageous and joyful spaces where we can thrive and evolve. Realising harmony of the mind, body, and soul is my driving force, and my current passions include holistic wellbeing, living sustainably (currently off-grid in my house truck!), destigmatisation (yes, let's embrace those taboo chats!), and inclusivity.

Playfulness is my happy place. I adore genuine human connection and expressing my authentic self (while regularly discovering what that is). My curiosity knows no bounds - and I love exploring new ways of learning, with a 4 year old that often guides the way.

You’ll catch me chasing the sun, hitting up the sauna, dancing like a nincompoop, practising yoga, and immersing myself in the magical gifts that nature bestows upon us.