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Float Therapy

Zero gravity sensation

Float Therapy is a unique way to help reduce anxiety & depression, relieve pain, speed up recovery, reduce stress and improve your overall sleep and well-being.

Feel total weightlessness and relaxation in a float session. The high density of the salt water creates a zero-gravity sensation, allowing for complete spinal decompression and improved circulation, minimizing even the most intense pains and soreness.

Floating organically releases endorphins, which in turn reduce stress, eliminate headaches, and foster deep, restful sleep.

Sharpen mental focus and creative problem-solving. Marvel as your relaxed, undistracted mind floats into remarkable “super learning” — a state of startlingly deep neural connections.

Science-Based Benefits

Experience an environment designed to remove all sensory elements.

Reduces Anxiety & Depression

A 2011 study that analysed the effects of floatation therapy on people suffering from burnout found that float helped to significantly decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety and increased a positive outlook on life.  

Another 2018 study also found that float therapy substantially reduces state anxiety. Participants reported significant reductions in stress and depression, accompanied by a significant improvement in mood characterised by increases in serenity, relaxation, happiness and overall well-being.  

Decreases Pain

Float Therapy has been found to significantly decrease the extent of painful areas and significantly decrease pain intensity. After the treatment period, a 2011 study found that after float participants returned to work there was no need for further sick leave.

A 2001 study found that floatation therapy had positive changes in patients presenting with chronic pain complaints, specifically significantly reducing severe perceived pain intensity. A more recent 2018 study also found that float participants reported significant reductions in muscle tension and pain.

Speeds Up Recovery

Float Therapy may be an effective tool for both physical and psychological recovery following training in elite athletes. A 2016 study found that float sessions significantly enhanced mood state and also lowered perceived muscle soreness

Improves Sleep

Significant beneficial effects were also found for sleep difficulties, a 2001 and 2016 study found that patients who underwent flotation fell asleep more easily.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoid caffeine and other stimulants before your float to make it easier for your body and mind to relax.


Try to ensure that you are well hydrated before your session.

Eat A Light Meal

It’s best to have a light meal 60 to 90 mins. before your session, rather than floating with a full or empty stomach.

Don't Shave

Please don’t shave anywhere on your face or body before your float session as the salt may sting.

Float Nude

We recommend floating in the nude to ensure there are no external pressures or restrictions on your body. If you prefer you can wear your swimsuit.

Don't Stress Over Time

Lay back and relax, don’t worry about the time as our staff and the music in the pod will let you know when your session is over.

Focus On Your Breath

If your mind is busy, you have difficulty relaxing it’s helpful to focus on your breathing.

Try Different Positions

Everyone has different preferences so move around until you feel what suit you best.

Guided Meditation

Try one of our guided meditations to help you sink into a deeper relaxation.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. We have some tips and recommendations above to consider on the day of your appointment, however, we provide everything you need for your session.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

For your first float session, we recommend arriving no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This ensures we can give you a full walkthrough beforehand without taking away from your time floating.

Any float sessions past your first time, you can arrive 5 minutes before.

When can I not float?

If you have any ongoing health conditions you must book an appointment to chat with one of our doctor’s first, you can also ask your regular GP.

Do not use this service if you:

– have open wounds
– recently dyed your hair
– applied tanning products
– have infectious diseases
– have got a recent tattoo

Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Yes! There are many unique benefits that help relieve the pressure and tensions on the body during pregnancy, while also providing a deeper connection to your child. We recommend confirming with your doctor first, however.

Can I float if I'm menstruating?

Yes, we simply recommend you follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.

Do I shower before I float?

Yes, we have a rain shower in our private float therapy suite and we ask that you shower and wet your hair before you enter the float pool. 

What if I’m claustrophobic?

Our open pool float is open and spacious, like a large bath and without a lid to reduce any symptoms of claustrophobia. If you do feel uncomfortable at any point however simply stop and restart when you feel able.

What if I fall asleep?

Falling asleep is normal and completely safe. The worst that can happen is being woken by a little salt water in your eyes. The more you practise floating and meditation the less likely you are to fall asleep during your session.

How is the water cleaned?

Our float tank is among the most hygienic systems available. The highly sterile and concentrated salt water has medical-grade Epsom salts. This extremely high levels of salt make it inhospitable for most pathogens and bacteria. The solution is also filtered for at least 15 mins in between each client and on a timer overnight. The water chemistry is also tested daily to balance the PH, alkalinity, & bromine to healthy levels.

What's the minimum age for floating?

Anyone 16 years old and up is able to float at our centre currently.