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Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna treatment to help destress, improve circulation and better sleep.

Embrace self-care and reap the many beauty and health benefits that our safe, effective, full spectrum infrared saunas offers. Detox, soothe sore muscles and get all of the sun's plentiful benefits without the damage.

Infrared wavelengths penetrate deep within the tissue, muscle and bones and encourage your core temperature to slowly rise allowing your body to gently remove the build-up of unwanted toxins in your system.

+ Detox & reduce pain

+ Burns calories

+ Purify skin

+ Boosts immunity

+ Faster recovery

Science-Based Benefits

Scientific study has resulted in the development of redlight therapy, which effectively restores muscle tissue and improves performance. These wavelengths have been demonstrated to be bioactive, meaning they influence the functioning of our cells, by using components of the light emitted by the sun.

Stress Relief

The relaxation effect is one of the biggest benefits of using a sauna.  Infrared light can help relax the body by shifting the autonomic nervous system activity from sympathetic to parasympathetic and increased levels of β-endorphins. To increase to overall effects, we recommend you try practising meditation while in the room.

Decreases Pain

One study found that in people with chronic musculoskeletal diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, sauna sessions significantly improved pain, stiffness, and fatigue. All of the patients reported significant reductions in pain and symptoms after the 12-week thermal therapy program,

Another study which analysed the effects of sauna therapy on patients with low back pain found that 70% of participants reported successful treatment after using the sauna twice per day for 5 consecutive days over the course of 1 week.

Improves Heart & Lung Function

Infrared sauna therapy has also been shown to improve heart and lung function in a study which analysed patients with chronic heart failure, sauna therapy was found to significantly improve cardiac function and exercise capacity.

When analysing the effects of Sauna on Cardiovascular patients with Type 2 Diabetes, another study found that a 20-minute sauna three times a week for three months was beneficial for lowering blood pressure in addition to waist circumference.

Further research which looked at exercise tolerance and pulmonary function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease also found that sauna therapy helped improve airway obstruction.

Aids Detoxification

The biological effects of toxins are well-known to be contributors to ill health. As the skin is a major organ of detoxification, and a vast array of toxicants are able to be excreted to differing degrees via perspiration, sauna therapy may be a useful way of aiding detoxification.

Improves Chronic Fatigue

Sauna therapy has also been shown to significantly decrease perceived fatigue, anxiety and depression while significantly increasing mood.

Improves Exercise Recovery

Deep penetration of infrared heat appears to also help the neuromuscular system to recover from strength and endurance training.

Improves Skin

Sauna therapy is also associated with improved skin texture. A study which analysed the Effects of Infrared Radiation on Skin Photo-Aging and Pigmentation found that infrared radiation increased the amount of total soluble collagen and soluble elastin in fibroblasts and demonstrated that could result in clinical improvement in skin texture.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes please. A bath towel.

We would like to be as sustainable as possible and provide one bath mat and one towel to sit on. Please bring your own bath towel - bath towels are also available at $3 each.

Some prefer to be in their underwear but you may prefer to wear a bathing suit.

Our private suites come with rain shower and Sansceuticals body products which are without harmful ingredients or additives.

What do I wear in the sauna?

You can wear a bathing suit or a towel. You will be in a private room alone.

Who cannot use the infrared sauna?

If you have any ongoing health conditions, such as the following, you must book an appointment to chat with one of our doctor’s first, you can also ask your regular GP.

  • Under 16 years old
  • asthma or other breathing conditions
  • heart disease
  • pregnancy
  • epilepsy
  • very high or very low blood pressure
  • people under the influence of alcohol, those taking stimulants, tranquillizers, or other mind-altering drugs

What is an infrared sauna?

Instead of using steam or a physical heating element, an infrared sauna utilizes infrared wavelengths of light. Your body readily absorbs infrared heat, which allows your core temperature to increase slowly and induces a relaxing, healthy sweat.

Is this like a regular steam sauna?

No, invisible light heats the body, not the surrounding air, so it is more comfortable and allows you to enjoy a longer session than with traditional steam saunas.

How often to use Sauna?

For optimal results, we recommend using our sauna three to four days per week and slowly increasing the length of time per session.

Can I use the sauna if I'm pregnant?

We recommend checking with one of our doctors first or asking your regular GP.

Is the infrared sauna safe?

Yes, unlike sunbathing, exposure to infrared heat therapy is safe and won’t cause the skin to burn.

Is it clean?

Yes, our saunas are sanitized after each use. Infrared light kills all bacteria and any airborne germs.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

For your first sauna session, we recommend arriving no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This ensures we can give you a full walkthrough beforehand without taking away from your time in the sauna. 

Any sauna sessions past your first time, you can arrive 5 minutes before.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 12 hour cancellation process. If you have booked an appointment with us and need to reschedule, please let us know at least 12 hours before your scheduled time to avoid losing your sauna credit.

What is your refund or return policy?

We do not do refunds or returns on any services, however, we are open to your feedback and want to ensure you have the best experience with us.

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What's the minimum age for sauna use?

Anyone 16 years old and up is able to use our saunas

How many people can fit in your contrast room?

Our contrast room is spacious and comfortable for a private or couples session.