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Kezia Bates


Hello, I'm Kezia - a certified personal trainer and Pilates teacher with a passion for helping people discover the joy of mindful movement. My partner Chris and I live in beautiful Port Chalmers, where we love spending time with our cheeky Labrador puppy, Jonks.

My passion for wellbeing began in my late teens when I joined a gym and fell in love with fitness. Over the years, I've practiced yoga, resistance training, and trained for long-distance running events. However, it wasn't until I faced some health challenges that I discovered Pilates. I found that this gentle yet powerful form of movement allowed me to maintain strength and mobility while also rejuvenating my body and mind.

Since becoming Pilates-certified, I've integrated these principles into my personal training repertoire and have helped clients of all ages and abilities discover the benefits of this practice. My goal in every class or 1:1 scenario is to create a supportive environment where people can find joy in movement and learn to see exercise as a gift rather than a chore.

As a qualified personal trainer and Pilates teacher, I've received extensive training in anatomy, movement, and injury prevention. I am committed to ongoing education and professional development to ensure that I am providing my clients with the most up-to-date and effective training.

I'm excited to meet you on the reformer or mat and help you on your journey to greater wellbeing.