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Letter From Our Founder

01/18/2023 Lee Tan

Life has not been easy for anybody over the last few years - myself included. In a personal and professional capacity, I have dealt with the daily effects of anxiety, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, depression, eating disorders, diabetes, addiction, dementia, burnout & more. Co-owning two large inner-city pharmacies in Dunedin, I, like many other business owners, have had to dig deep into my resilience reserves to continue serving our community.

Part of my coping mechanism was online education courses (and green tea and dark chocolate!) - particularly, Mental & Health Coaching, Nutrigenomics and Lifestyle Medicine.

With over 25 years in Pharmacy, I am always excited by advancements in technology and wellness techniques, especially around our genes and personal blueprints. Understanding that we can change the expression of our genes by controlling our lifestyle and that 80% of chronic diseases are preventable if we take back this control is the first step on your wellbeing journey.

After extensive research, I have curated evidence-based health and lifestyle practices to increase health and life span by optimising human potential. Living by my core values of Innovation and Service, I truly believe that to be 'Well', you need to care for your physical,mental and emotional 'Being'. All of this is why I have created Well + Being. It's truly an honour and a privilege to serve you in creating a happier, stronger, healthier you.

Best in Health & Well-Being,

Lee Tan, Founder